Often when a machine tool in a manufacturing plant reaches the end of its service life the foremost thought for an operator would be total replacement. Typically, bespoke refurbishment or rebuild is seen as a low-tech or time consuming option; however by offering a bespoke package with the expertise to enable a complete integrated solution, KMT Machine Tools dispels this preconception.

KMT Machine Tools employs expert engineers with years of experience producing task specific machine tools for component manufacturing and assembly, especially in the automotive industry. With a lean culture focussed on enabling high quality service and development – the focus on efficiency, speedy tool change over and lean systems mean KMT Machine Tools expertise is equally applicable to all industries.

The bespoke package provided by KMT is enabled by a number of factors. Firstly, KMT engineers will thoroughly assess an end user’s system from an engineering and operational perspective, offering insight into ways to improve efficiency, elaborating on current systems or even simplifying them depending on customer requirements. Engineers consider the environment of operation, demands on the system, methods of production and the convenience for users.

For instance; simple push buttons integrated into a control system for heavily utilised process sequences can increase reliability and decrease set-up time, offering reduced cost of production and time savings.

Conversely, KMT is also able to replace the control element of a machine tool without sacrificing the usability. The use of modern inverters, machine controllers, servo controllers and PLCs, along with the latest safety systems also means that rebuilt machines can match the most stringent of safety and operability standards.

Secondly, KMT expertise can ensure bespoke solutions are expertly applied to a range of applications. With a full state-of-the-art design, build and CNC machine facility and great experience, engineers are able to produce or source bespoke parts at a competitive price – perfectly adapting existing machines to integrate with an end users system.

This ensures that downtime is reduced to a minimum and allows instant integration of a refurbished or rebuilt machine into the existing production line. New custom and re-built Machine tools from KMT are therefore versatile and flexible to a client’s requirement. A re-build will typically take far less time than a new machine and cost less, while providing equivalent functionality and longevity.

Such practise has allowed KMT to supply machine tools to a wide variety of OE manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Asia – each bespoke to an end user’s needs. With a dedicated team targeting complete solutions, the flexibility of service and products provided by KMT are not available from most machine tool manufacturers.

With the expertise to deliver this service with short lead times and at a highly competitive cost point, KMT Machine Tools policy of rejuvenation rather than replacement can make bespoke, efficient machine tools at the forefront of production efficiency and profitability.