KMT is offering its customers turnkey fabrications on short lead times thanks to its high-capacity press brake and laser cutter. Fast and flexible, KMT is a specialist in producing custom flanges, brackets, steelwork in any quantity to support construction, industrial, rail and automotive projects.

“As a bespoke engineering business, we provide as many services under one roof as possible. Our machinery allows us to deliver quality fabrications fast. High levels of automation across our operations means total repeatability, while our track record supporting OEMs in demanding industries speaks for itself,” says Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director.

A 320-ton, 3 m capacity press brake is complemented by a 6 kW fibre laser cutting machine, both supporting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cutting is available for 30 mm thick aluminium, 25 mm stainless and mild steel and sheet sizes of 3000mm x 1500mm. KMT also offers welding, assembly and testing to accompany the service, further covering customer requirements.

Access to both capabilities from a single source simplifies procurement for customers. Instead of fabrications having to travel distance between different suppliers for specific services, KMT can complete the entire process in-house, avoiding delays.

“Traditional fabricators often have long lead times, which isn’t ideal for projects. As a turnkey engineering business, we’re much more flexible, delivering high order volumes or small batches with a fast turnaround,” says Adrian.

Flexible capacity means a comprehensive, bespoke service. Whether a single metal bracket is required for prototyping or a production run of flanges, KMT can do either. Customers can also order samples to verify designs before putting a fabrication into full production. As a result, support is available across a project from initial design to final assembly.

“We are also accredited to deliver low consequence structural steelwork elements to Execution Class 2 (EXC2) under BS EN 1090, backed by routine testing and re-evaluations. Typical projects include custom supports for access walkways or stairways. Our fast turnaround times are ideal for the construction industry, helping our customers to stay on schedule,” Adrian explains.

KMT’s central location in Staffordshire ensures a robust UK supply chain for small, medium or large orders. Engineering companies can be assured of consistent delivery times and a responsive, knowledgeable service.

Adrian adds: “We don’t just have the kit, as a bespoke electromechanical engineering company we have a highly experienced team of experts. This means engineer-to-engineer contact throughout projects and close technical collaboration.”

With press braking and laser cutting available from a single source on reduced lead times, KMT customers can meet project deadlines more effectively. Furthermore, all work is backed by the quality standards of a business that regularly works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across industry.

To learn more about press braking or laser cutting from KMT, please visit or call 01538 758946.