When a trusted machine starts to breakdown or become outdated, complete replacement can seem like the easy option. However, depending on the application the costs and lead times associated with a new asset might not be suitable. To provide a cost-effective alternative with reduced lead times, KMT offers a complete machine refurbishment service within the same footprint. Existing units can be upgraded well beyond OEM specification, delivering extended reliability and incorporating modern technologies.

Why refurbish?

Many machines operating on industrial production lines are highly specialised, featuring custom tooling, control and work holding solutions. However, continuous usage means that the performance of even the most reliable machine can degrade and the unit become uneconomical to run. Ordering a replacement might seem preferable but building a new machine to a custom specification is both time consuming and costly.

In response, KMT, a leading machine builder, offers its customers a cost-effective machine refurbishment service. A complete electromechanical service provider with a proven track record of producing machines for industrial, automotive and rail production lines in the UK, KMT can renew any existing equipment to a level beyond its capabilities when new.

Complete refurbishments in-house

Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director at KMT, expands: “As we build production machinery for leading OEMs across multiple industries, we are extremely familiar with even the most specialised units. Our ability to design, manufacture and implement custom mechanical and electrical systems means we can upgrade all aspects of existing machines within a fraction of the time and cost associated with building a new machine.”

KMT has the ability to manufacture custom tooling and work-holding solutions. It operates a fabrication department that can completely overhaul machine frames. Furthermore, it can design and implement new controls and automation systems, ensuring that older machine designs can be upgraded to the latest modern efficiency standards. Experience supplying solutions to leading OEMs means that refurbished machines can be seamlessly networked into factory-wide automation systems.

“Recent successful projects include the refurbishment of a vector pipeline (VPL) machine for a leading UK exhaust manufacturer. We also delivered a renewed CNC wire-bending machine to a customer within 10 weeks, when a new replacement had a four-month lead time. As well the cost benefits, there are tangible time savings too, which is all important for our manufacturing customers,” says Adrian.

Maximising productivity

As well as the cost and time advantages, KMT machine refurbishments enhance the speed, efficiency and accuracy of equipment. In addition, upgrading an existing machine ensures that refurbished units can be easily reintroduced to the production line within the same space requirements. KMT can also reproduce control panels to ensure instant operator familiarity. A turnkey approach to refurbishments helps to guarantee a consistent quality of repairs and upgrades.

Adrian concludes: “Our complete in-house service and experience providing equipment for multiple industries means we can take a tailored, quality-driven approach to each aspect of a machine refurbishment project. Therefore, a short lead time and reduced costs are matched with improved performance and reliability, ideal for maximising productivity.”